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February 1, 2022

We think we’ve found a real gem, it basically pulls all of DeFi together into just one platform.

Abstract background with cubes symbolised blockchain and cryptocurrency technology.

We think we’ve found a real gem, it basically pulls all of DeFi together into just one platform and has 2 exchange listings coming up in January.

Let us explain…

We’re currently using Binance, Kucoin, Huobi, coinstats to check performance, Uniswap, Pancakeswap and Metamask for DEX trades to remember passwords and set up security for all of these different platforms.

However, there is a platform that combines all of your exchange accounts and does all of these things at once, called Tokenplace. They have seen huge price increases over the last few weeks despite the dumping markets, so it seems like the market is jumping on it, they’re only 10% away from breaking ATH and then would enter price discovery.

You probably also know ORN, which is tapping into liquidity of all connected exchanges and which went up to $1B a couple of months ago.

Tokenplace is doing all that and also offer a ton of more features that ORN doesn’t have. For comparison ORN is currently at a $200M market cap. Tokenplace is currently at only a $12M market cap. That means that token place could do a 10x with no big issues and a 100x if we see Bitcoin go to $100,000. They could also potentially be grabbing a large portion of Uniswap since they provide easy to use cross-blockchain swaps across 10 different blockchains. Their roadmap also looks very promising, we are especially looking for full access to DEX trading, which will enable access to over a thousand of tokens that you can swap across numerous blockchains (ETH, BSC, SOL, AVAX, FTM et

It looks like DEX became more of a background infrastructure for projects and higher level usability layers, combining their functionality for more user friendliness. This reduction of abstraction and usability field might also become the narrative for this year. That’s why TOK is now one of our biggest bags, low cap, exchange listings coming up, potential for leading the new narrative. It checks all boxes


It looks like we can finally see the end of numerous different exchange accounts and just have it all on one platform.

This is also a big improvement for security, since we don’t need to log into our accounts all the time and open up attack vectors, but can simply leave them be and just use them via an API-key without logging in.

It’s really nice to see how year-by-year, crypto becomes less abstract, less complex and easier to use.

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