Accept crypto payments and become a crypto merchant

In the recent years, new digital assets called cryptocurrencies have exploded in popularity and taken over the financial and investment world. Crypto assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Coin and Tether have all been growing significantly. For instance, in 2021, Bitcoin’s total market cap surpassed $1 trillion, which means that the asset is now larger than GDP of most countries around the world. Do you need more reasons why you need to accept crypto payments?

It’s no surprise that many of the world’s largest companies have started to accept crypto payments for goods and services that they offer. Companies like Microsoft, Tesla and Twitch all accept Bitcoin and other digital currencies and were among the ‘’first movers’’ when it comes to merchants adopting the crypto. But soon the banking industry also followed and now we’re witnessing large banks opening crypto currency and custody departments for their clients. Any type of business can now take advantage of the crypto revolution and easily accept crypto payments with the help of payment processing solutions.

Bezel Blockchain has now joined forces with GoCrypto, as we will help our clients and other merchants to transit to payment methods that will cost them less. The transaction fees with our payment processing solution are less than the fees you’ll pay on most credit cards.

Accept crypto payments and increase your revenue!

Accepting crypto may provide you with many benefits and the decision to add crypto to your business portfolio, might also give your business that extra revenue and income you’re still not capitalizing on.

Accepting crypto as a payment will give you access to a whole new market of consumers, which are a part of communities within the cryptocurrency market, that are spreading like wildfire. When you allow tech-savvy consumers the option to pay through a digital wallet, you’ll be able to expand your sales to a broader market and appeal your brand to more consumers worldwide.

Unlike the traditional credit card systems, that usually take a few days to process your transaction, GoCrypto can process them immediately. This is giving you quicker access to your funds and can help streamline your business's cash flow cheaper and a lot faster.

When you accept crypto payments, you’re also benefiting from lower fees associated with every single transaction. The fees can vary from method to method, but you will still find them significantly cheaper, than the fees of companies like PayPal and other traditional credit card providers.

When a customer completes a transaction with cryptocurrency it’s impossible to reverse. This offers your business more security when it comes to various types of fraud and not to mention there is no 3rd party, such as a bank, that is able to withdraw and block your funds and thus stop you from doing business.

GoCrypto is a 24/7 service. We provide cryptocurrency payments 24 hours per day. Unlike bank payments, we process payments everyday.

Why is GoCrypto essential for your business?

GoCrypto is the fastest growing cryptocurrency payment network and it’s been spreading all around various types of businesses worldwide. When you decide to accept crypto payments with GoCrypto, you’re gaining access to a high-spending customer base by offering your consumers all in one system for various type of crypto wallets.

But that’s not all, besides being able to take advantage of one of the lowest fees on the market, you’ll also be able to enjoy some extra benefits as a Bezel Blockchain customer. If you contact us today, you’ll have no setup costs, and we’ll add free maintenance to that as well.

Your business can begin accepting crypto in just a few clicks, right on your phone, tablet, or your computer. GoCrypto is much more business friendly and it’s a lot cheaper than credit cards. The system is also offering loyalty rewards for your customers so we’re sure your customers would appreciate extra rewards and benefits included and offered by this perfect business package, wouldn’t you agree.

What steps to take to join the GoCrypto revolution?

If you decided to accept crypto payments as a merchant or an ecommerce website, we’re here to assist you in any way that we can. Joining the world’s fastest growing crypto payments network is much easier than you think.

Step 1
Choosing your plan

GoCrypto is now available for all online stores and merchants, as well as physical brick and mortar stores. With step 1 in place, you’ll be able to connect with millions of crypto wallet users without changing your business process when doing so. Just create an account, choose your plan and you’re ready to accept crypto payments.

Step 2
Generate and process payments

The payment process is simplified for you as a business and your customers as well. You can simply create a QR code payment order through the GoCrypto system. Your customers will be able to scan the QR codes you provide them with their mobile crypto wallets and confirm the transactions. That’s it.

Step 3
Receive your payments

You’ll be able to receive settlements exchanged directly into your local currency and straight to your business bank account, if you wish to do so. You can also keep the funds in your chosen cryptocurrency and still issues invoices for tax purposes.

Ready to take your business to the next level?

If you want to escalate your brand and stay on the cutting edge of technology, it’s crucial that you implement new systems and accept crypto payments. Especially if you want to appeal to crypto-enthusiast consumers and boost your brand visibility, with little to no risk.

Since the GoCrypto set up is completely free of charge, this can be an even more appealing opportunity for businesses with a tight budget. Crypto is a great opportunity for any business of any size, including large chains, corporations, and enterprises.

If you’d like to learn how to implement crypto payments into your website or into your store, you can contact us here, and we’ll have you set you up in no time.

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