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We believe that the future is synonymous with freedom and that this freedom only exists on the basis of a system that is equal for all, a decentralized, public, neutral and transparent monetary and financial system. And that's why we believe that we can improve people's quality of life by developing projects that contribute to making the WEB 3.0 network accessible to everyone.


Access to WEB 3.0 for as many people and companies as possible, and for that we have our team of engineers and project developers for the blockchain with the necessary experience to guarantee a safe and pleasant use through technological products and services. that promote an evolution in the way people and companies use the internet.


Allowing the new generations to recover the opportunities that were taken away from them by an unfair system! Trust, security, transparency and independence are essential for the development of our projects.
If you too believe you can change the world, join us and help us spread our ideas.

Development of NFT projects for celebrities

Idol-NFT is the first blockchain platform dedicated to promoting a closer relationship between celebrities and their fans through the sale of NFTs. More than a simple relationship platform, Idol-NFT was designed to be a movement focused on celebrities from all sectors, delivering revenue and benefits for both parties.

NFTs developed by Idol-NFT are designed to deliver celebrity fans real experiences in real environments where fans will literally be with their idols at events, restaurants, clubs, awards shows, or spending time together in some paradise around the world.


Your Business on Metaverse

Imagine a virtual world where people interact, work, and shop with others – all from the comfort of their homes. This is known as the metaverse.

Why is the metaverse important for your business?

The metaverse is becoming important because it offers a new way for businesses to communicate and collaborate with users from anywhere in the world virtually. It also supports a whole virtual economy where users can enjoy numerous activities like building a real business.

Don't waste any more time, start building your brand in the metaverse now

Organizations across industries have already been looking to metaverse components — for example, extended reality headsets, blockchain and nonfungible tokens (NFTs), IoT and cloud technologies — as a means of connection and new sources of revenue. That exploration is likely to continue in new ways as these developing technologies increasingly interconnect and mature. So, IT leaders may want to understand metaverse examples and use cases, both in the near term and in the future.

Bezel Blockchain and NFtrend are uniting forces to create and develop great projects for brands and communities to participate of this revolution on internet.

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Go Crypto - your way of payment in cryptocurrency

GoCrypto is the fastest growing cryptocurrency payment network and it’s been spreading all around various types of businesses worldwide. When you decide to accept crypto payments with GoCrypto, you’re gaining access to a high-spending customer base by offering your consumers all in one system for various type of crypto wallets.

But that’s not all, besides being able to take advantage of one of the lowest fees on the market, you’ll also be able to enjoy some extra benefits as a Bezel Blockchain customer. If you contact us today, you’ll have no setup costs, and we’ll add free maintenance to that as well.

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