Crowdfunding of projects for WEB 3.0

We offer 2 crowdfunding plans for projects that we develop for web 3.0 ecosystem, those includes:

  • NFT projects
  • Metaverse projects

What is a crowdfunding plan?

A crowdfunding plan is an investment modality that can be highly profitable in which a group of investors come together to put into practice projects they believe to be relevant.
The meaning of crowdfunding comes from the union of two words in English: “crowd” (“group of people”) and “funding” (“financing”).
An extremely common practice in advanced economies, crowdfunding has been gaining popularity with the growth of communities on social networks.

Bezel offers two crowdfounding plans:

Crowdfounding 12

5% profit sharing of the Idol-nft project for 12 months stake period

Crowdfounding 24

10% profit sharing of the Idol-nft project for 24 months stake period

Bezel Blockchain works securely in the blockchain ecosystem developing projects for WEB 3.0

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