Investment Strategies

July 26, 2021

One of the most important points in any investment is to have a well-defined strategy. This is where Bezel Blockchain comes in. Let us guide your process and maximize your investments. How to make more money with cryptocurrencies? You'll see it here!


At Bezel Blockchain, we believe that the future is synonymous of freedom. And we believe that this freedom is achieved through a store of value that allows us to increase our wealth. It is crucial to have money to achieve dreams and goals. However, to achieve them, we must define an investment strategy that is in line with that purpose. There are several strategies we can adopt, but let’s talk about investing first.

Investment is essential for us to be able to grow personally and financially. Personal development is the secret of millionaires and successful people and more than that, it is the secret of happy people. Because they learn, develop, succeed and are free! They have energy above average, a real will to live and they are the people who have the power to change the world for the better. However, to achieve this, they had to invest. In the first phase, they invested in themselves. And that’s why at Bezel Blockchain we choose to educate our clients and introduce them seriously and professionally to the ecosystem of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

At Bezel Blockchain, we believe that the future is synonymous of freedom. And we believe that freedom is achieved through a store of value that allows us to increase our wealth

When it comes to investment, we must consider that this always requires a willingness to take risks, but it is important to know how to deal with risk and know your profile as an investor before moving your money from savings to the platform, where you will acquire your assets financially. At Bezel Investments we guarantee you security over your assets, liquidity and return on your capital. Your risk profile or investor profile is closely related to your personality and your objections to money. Every investor should seek to overcome their objections and build a portfolio of assets that they identify with in order to create wealth based on their beliefs and preferences. There are essentially three profiles:

  • Conservative or Defensive
  • Balanced
  • Risky or Aggressive

In the cryptocurrency market, the conservative risk profile gives rise to more defensive portfolios that end up offering greater security. Usually, the percentage of Bitcoin is quite high. The risky profile gives rise to more aggressive portfolios, where the percentage of Bitcoin is lower, making room for other promising cryptocurrencies, but which can still be considered a risky investment, since the projects that support them may be too recent or poorly substantiated. We think differently and believe that we can cross all investment profiles in unique products on the market.

Our customers are rewarded with a maximization of price appreciation and more Bitcoin quantity

When most people think about starting to invest, they usually look for quick and easy solutions. At Bezel Blockchain, we look for efficiency and that’s why we choose to cross two different types of strategies in the products we offer our clients. In both BZL Block 6 and BZL Block 12, our clients are rewarded with a maximization of price appreciation and with more Bitcoin quantity. You will understand this before the end of this text.

Your investment will always be personal and individual. As such, it is important that you focus on your personal finances and then start setting concrete goals. Whether with cryptocurrencies or any other type of financial asset, you should always look for a bigger goal than the money you can earn. In the case of cryptocurrencies, you can define objectives based on different premises:

  • Time
  • Fiat currencies (e.g. Euros or US Dollars)
  • Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

As mentioned above, at Bezel Blockchain we can optimize our clients’ investment. We do not focus on time, despite of being the most important asset in our lives, nor on the monetization of fiat currencies. We do not care that our customers think about the amount of euros or dollars they can earn, but rather the growth of their cryptocurrency portfolio. And so, we focus on Bitcoin. Bitcoin has unique features that are much more advanced than the traditional currency system. It works as a decentralized system, being based on a public network and without state supervision or banking. Bitcoin is a store of value and we believe it’s providing a generation wealth growth. If you want to grow your Bitcoin portfolio, choose Bezel Management Plans.

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