Step-by-step tutorial – KYC

July 30, 2021

How to start your KYC on Bezel Blockchain Platform?

1. Access the website and press [Register]. Put your email and choose your password. Repeat your password and check the captcha box. Press [Sign Up].
2. Confirm that your registration is successful.

3. Check your email and click on the email we sent you. Press [Confirm Registration].

4. Go to the Bezel Platform website. Put your email and password. Press [Log In] to access your account.

5. Fill out the KYC information to be able to use the Bezel Platform. If you are an individual, you must choose [KYC]. However, if you are a company or you have registered in the platform with your business account, please go to [KYC Corporate]. Start with your Personal Information.

6. Keep scrolling and fill out the ID Information. You can choose between passport, national ID card or driver’s license. It’s very important you fill the document number and the document expiry date. The issue date is optional because sometimes is not written on the document.

7. Upload the document you choose above. Front side and back side. Insert an utility bill and take a selfie with your document. We need to confirm who you are and compare the data you are providing to us.

8. Read and agree with our Term & Conditions. Press [Submit KYC] to proceed.

  1. Your KYC will be submitted and we will analyse your information. 

10. You will see a message to inform you that your approval is pending until we finish our analysis to your information. This is a security procedure.

11. After your KYC is approved, you will receive an email. You are ready to go to Bezel Platform and start with our Bitcoin Management Plans. Press [Go to the Platform] to log in.



12. Go to the Bezel Platform website. Put your email and password. Press [Log In] to access your account and start your maximizing your Bitcoin earnings journey with us.




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